The devastation in Oklahoma compels us to help. Please join us as we attempt to help Oklahoma tornado victims recover. Right now, they just need the basics. They need things like water, food, medical supplies, and hygiene items. Please consider donating to Help the Children specifically towards helping Oklahoma tornado victims.

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Help Oklahoma TornadoHelp the Children is talking with partners on the ground in Oklahoma to determine how best to respond to the destruction that was caused by the tornados in Oklahoma. We want to help Oklahoma and the surrounding areas.

As you can see from the pictures help is on the ground and volunteers are helping Oklahoma tornado disaster victims. Help the Children is one of the organizations that provides the actual supplies that these volunteers are handing out to children and adults who are left homeless.

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Loading Supplies for OklahomaVOLUNTEERS & DONATIONS
Our volunteers graciously help drive the trucks, pack the food boxes, and hand out the supplies to our neighbors in Oklahoma. The two fastest growing groups of volunteers are seniors and veterans. Veterans are loyal and dedicated to serving other military brothers and sisters who have fallen on hard times, while seniors understand suffering and consistently give back to the less fortunate. United, we are able to do much more without spending more. Please donate financially or show up physically to volunteer in our Los Angeles distribution center. Help us send more supplies to Oklahoma.

Please join us in mobilizing our Oklahoma disaster relief effort. We have the supplies ready to go and volunteers have loaded the trucks. We would appreciate financial support to help us ship the supplies to Oklahoma.Support Our Military - Volunteer

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One of our largest expenses comes in the fueling of our supply delivery trucks. Know that any size donation will help us get much needed food and supplies to Oklahoma.

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Administrative Support

Please help us keep our Help the Children ministry thriving. Your much appreciated, designated donations, will help support our staff and we thank you for your kindness.

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Thank you to all of our corporate sponsors for donating bulk food and supplies. We encourage more companies to join our cause. Together we can help Oklahoma.

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Help Oklahoma Supplies

Help the Children has a 20 year history of sending emergency supplies and disaster relief throughout American and around the world. We are dedicated to helping children who find their surroundings litterally blown away.

We have helped disaster victims in many different situations. Below you can see some of the ways we have helped over the years:

Please consider supporting Help the Children once again and help us help the disaster victims of the tornados in Oklahoma.